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Whether you operate a takeout establishment or sit down restaurant, a good stock of disposable take out supplies is vital to your success. From plastic microwavable one compartment take out containers, to two compartment and three compartment take out containers, we have the right size to go container for your needs. Watch your prepared meals fly out the door with durable plastic, square, rectangular, round, and oval take out containers. Foil take out containers and lids are available as well for baked take out dinners. Cold take out containers are great for subs and salads. Plastic, non-hinged take out containers are on hand in various sizes, styles and options.

We have a huge selection of disposables for cooking and baking too. Aluminum foil pans cut down on cleaning and dishwashing time. Disposable food containers are perfect for increasing your take out sales, and offering larger take out quantities. With our large selection of cake / bakery boxes, chicken, and barn style take out lunch boxes, even candy boxes, we’ve got the size and style take out box you need at GHANA RUBBER PRODUCT LIMITED!

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Our selection of disposable catering supplies is perfect for your next catered reception or outdoor event! Choose from various sizes of durable plastic take out bowls and catering trays to easily serve delicious food to guests. We also offer everything you need to set up the perfect table presentation, including salt and pepper shakers, coasters, and foil ashtrays.

There’s no bigger issue in the foodservice industry today than that of food safety. Preventing cross-contamination and foodborne illness should be the number one priority for any business serving food to customers. Luckily for you, our selection of food safety disposables is guaranteed to help reduce the chance of cross-contact, germ spread, and foodborne illness!

Make sure your restaurant is fully stocked with these all purpose disposables! Our paper napkins are available in a variety of colors to match your restaurant’s décor. We also carry a selection of plastic flatware in different styles that are perfect for catered events or outdoor receptions!

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